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The Gravedancers Lament

O joyful, O delighted, O fortunate one!
Weep no more, this departed son.
Read these words, sound thy voice.
Revel and sing!
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Life’s for the living, not the dead.
Forget tomorrow, live now instead.
This night you breathe, while they cannot.
So dance ye soul on their resting spot.

O fool, O lout. O unfortunate one.
The dead now mocked, their time has come.
Heed these words, for souls do roam.
And with this curse, follow you home.
Its rage will swell, as night grow bright.
Despair and fear, this fatal plight.
From moon to moon, you’ll have this guest.
To seal thy fate and lay you at rest.



The Grave Dancers Lament

  • The curse lasts from Moon to Moon
  • One Month
  • The Spirit gains strength the closer one gets to a Full Moon
  • A lunar cycle for the Spirit to lay you to rest

Dance wisely…