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What’s more American than being defiant?

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Discussion Topic: What’s more American than being defiant?

Lindsey Stone, site of the Unknowns

[Lindsey Stone, Arlington Cemetery]

Were her actions enough to warrant her to be fired?  While the photograph may be considered in poor taste by the general public, did it affect her ability to perform her job assisting the disabled?

Facebook is again the culprit, she posted the picture on her Facebook page which sparked a focus group that called for her firing.  It was enough to get the job done. First she was placed on forced leave and she was eventually fired last week.  Way to go Facebookers!

People seem to think they have freedom of expression and freedom of speech and that gives them freedom of consequence.  What’s more American than being defiant?  A joke can quickly turn into a desperate attempt to regain the public favor.  Lindsey published an apology but it was rejected, it wasn’t enough.  Society wanted to see her punished…And she was.  What’s the worst possible punishment?  Hitting her in the pocketbook.  In the current state of the economy, taking her livelihood away is the ultimate smack down!

Public morality and ethics will trump any personal notion you hold, but especially when you rely on the public to keep you gainfully employed.  Don’t think you do?  You think you are safe?  You really think the Witchhunt won’t come fro you? Need I remind you of the Brandon Raub case?  Brandon Raub was grabbed for questioning and psychiatric evaluation (against his will) for simply expressing himself on Facebook.

You think you are free?  Not ruled by fear?  More and more people are walking on eggshells in social media as more of these cases are made public.  Be careful what you post!  It could be the source for losing your job, or going to jail!  So how’s that Constitutional Amendment really protecting you?

Wake-up people!  You ain’t free!  You are nothing more than a slave to the public service!  SERVE! SERVE! SERVE!

If a social value is powerful enough it will put you at the center of a lynch mob!  What’s more invasive in the U.S. than the sentiment of RESPECT for our Armed Forces?  It doesn’t matter much if the Janitor is buried at Arlington Cemetery.  As far as the public is concerned every single ‘soldier’ fought, bled and sacrificed themselves for your freedom! You owe them the utmost respect and if you demonstrate even the most minute amount of disrespect there will be hell to pay!

Reality Check: Only a small number of servicemen go to war, or even shoot a gun.  There are a larger number of proverbial pencil pushers, janitors and grease monkeys that are gainfully employed by the tax payers.  They had better behave too, or the public will have them punished!

God Bless America!  The land of the Free and the home of Brave!  Use your noggins people, our freedom is only under fire by the ‘people’ of the United States of America!  Only the brave defy them!

Maintain your programming, or else you’ll be fired!

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is sacred! Iconic!  

[Romano Saluto]  Veteran Speaks Out on her behalf

When people envision the Armed Forces, they see ‘ultimate sacrifice’, ‘servitude’, and ‘honored’ men and women.  What they don’t see is the mundane day to day job they do, nor do they see them as human beings most times. Unless of course it’s publicized in the media.  Do people respect the military too much?  Do they glorify mechanics, secretaries and janitors?  

I suppose people need to believe in the timeless tradition of honoring and respecting the Military no matter what role they fill.  Flipping the bird at a sign for shiggles at a cemetery is a sign of disrespect and the mob won’t stand for it!

Some people say she got what she deserved, or that her apparent stupidity warrants that she learn a valuable lesson.  What lesson do you think she learned from all of this?  TO FEAR THE MOB.

Sin Jones

Bow to the Military!  Bow!

Sin Jones