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Essence of the Left-hand Path

Essence of the Left-hand Path

The Seven Acaras in Classical Hindu: Veda, Vaiṣṇava, Śaiva, Dakṣiṇa, Vāma, Siddhāṇta, and Kaula. All of which fall into two broad categories — Dakṣiṇa and Vāma. It is generally held that those who participate in the rituals of Five Ms belong to the category of Vāmācāra.  The Aghori are more widely known as it pertains to their particular culture.  Those less known, walk among you.


” when a man…

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Tune in on July 12 @ 8pm, EST! Callers Welcome. It will be a live show.

What Have You Done for Satanism Lately?

What Have You Done for Satanism Lately?

I keep hearing this absurd Rhetorical question uttered across the Internet.  It’s stratifying you know, you can peg a poser from a mile away.  These flag-waivers haven’t the slightest idea how to manifest their “Reality” so they go on to point the finger at others in the most classic case of psychological projection I can fathom.

It’s usually reduced to:

I can’t find a job:  So, I’ll blame these…

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The discussion continues… Male Circumcision.

The discussion continues… Male Circumcision.

Any topic about sexuality will usually produce a debate about Male Circumcision.  My podcast covering the documentary film Are All Men Pedophiles?, is no different.  It all started with a comment asserting that males that were circumcised at birth may develop into pedophiles.  Sounds absurd right?  Yet, there’s people out there in the world that believe this is true.  I often take surveys from…

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Tell me your secrets…

Tell me your secrets…

We all provide tells.  We tell on ourselves.  To come right out and say... This is my secret!  Isn’t it.     People usually say one thing, then do another; actors upon a stage for the great performance!  Most of the time, it’s not very convincing but once in a while, you get a player prolific at his craft. Then it’s  Game on!

When men ask me to reveal the secrets of women, what the hell do I know…

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Swallow Tail Butterfly - Virginia’s State Insect

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