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It’s Raining in Utopia!

It’s Raining in Utopia!

It’s funny what ‘Satanists’ qualify as their Satan-ism these days.  I can’t tell you how many of these sheep in wolve’s clothing I’ve come across.  On one hand they parrot off some Might as Right rhetoric and on the other they  complain about their lack of it because they feel entitled.    Entitled to a job because they lack the ambition to go into business for themselves.    Entitled to free…

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Creature Comforts…

Creature Comforts…

Satanist, is a fitting moniker for a creature born to this world.  In every aspect of life, there are influences.  Either we can let them in, or oppose them.    Layer upon layer, these influences pile up.   We would like to think that we’re consciously aware of them at all times.  That everything we do is a deliberate action, coming from the bowels of our being.  Truth is, the majority of our…

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Now is the time to Panic…

Now is the time to Panic…

Paranoia, is just another term for ignorance.  - Hunter S. Thompson

The paranoid:  How do they live? In a perpetual state of ignorance!  They don’t know, so they must concoct a narrative to move their discomfort back dead-center of the comfort zone.    This is the mild end, a place for the little story-tellers to gather.  On the more extreme scale you have those that panic.  This type allows…

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Update: Feedback to the 9@9 March 9th Episode

Update: Feedback to the 9@9 March 9th Episode

MP3 download Archive and 9@9 Episode “Us and Them

To reiterate the purpose of the show:

“Nine characters @ Nine P.M. (somewhere)… Explore the Left-hand-path analytically to flesh out ideas, theoretically capture its essence and attack its form. Each player seeks to both challenge and entertain you. Callers are encouraged to bring something thought-provoking to each segment.”

This exchange onFace…

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March 9th Show:

Often times in Left-hand Path forums, you will see people lambasting the ‘us’ or ‘we’ control meme. Particularly Satanism. Is there really an ‘us’? Are a majority of self-described Satanist all on the page? Is this really just a hang-over from the days of our first indoctrination?

Sin Jones joins T.C. Downey to discuss it… Download the archive HERE

Canis through the peep-hole

Canis through the peep-hole

The Canis Lupus  had been domesticated thousands of years ago, precisely how these animals were broken-in remains a mystery.   Archaeological and genetic evidence traces the practice of domestication back some 33,000 years.  The most popular theories are:  [1]Orphaned Wolf-cubs  and [2]Comfort Enticement (Food/Shelter ).    Experiments have been conducted to test these theories with other animals…

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Taranis, god of Thunder.  Thought to be a derivative of Greek Brontes (Cyclops) and Ouranos (Sky).  Taranis holds the Solar Wheel, thunder represented by the weaving of the bolt about the ring he carries over his arm.  He is sometimes depicted with a chariot and horses, also a source of his strength.

Small statues recovered from Ancient Gaul, show connections with Norse gods such as Thor.  The Romans associated him with Jupiter, representing strength pulling the Chariot.  The wheel being a symbol carried as a protective amulet against injustice and to bring strength to a challenge.  Worn as a pendant since the Bronze Age, many were discovered at shrines, in rivers and settlements all over the British Isles.

Hand-sculpted in clay by Sin Jones - customer commission.

(Source: handsome--gretel)

Demon in Hospital Photo - Debunked

Demon in Hospital Photo – Debunked

This photo went viral shortly after it was posted on Reddit. Naturally, it would end up on youtube here is a clip:


People see what they want to see. A clear case of Pareidolia. I’ve been contacted to convey my ‘expert’ opinion. What makes me an expert you ask? You’re guess is as good as mine.

I enhanced the photos a bit using a…

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